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Our Mission

We believe that our differences are our strengths and that working in harmony is humanity’s natural state. We defend that all humans desire security, respect, and to be seen. Our mission is to build and maintain a community where everyone feels welcome to thrive, using age-old tools of connection and compassion. 

  • Education, so factual information can crowd out misinformation

  • Communication, so we can build relationships within our community and remember that humans are all inherently good

  • Recreation, so that we can feel the joy of our work

  • Philanthropy, so we can carry as we climb

  • Ceaseless curiosity, so that we never stop to judge, but instead understand


Board of Directors

Meet our current Board of Directors who are working hard to achieve our mission.

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Founding Members

Amy Blundell, Community Closet Committee

Kelly Herod

Sara Kinley

Beth Licata-Cooke, Community Discussion Chair

Holly Park

Ella Pascucci

Christina Popielinski

Mary Prohaska

Mallory Russo-Gang

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