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Rapid Response Team(RRT)

We have the privilege of working to bring real, positive change to our community. We believe in the power of partnership, offering a range of programs designed to uplift and assist everyone, with all our resources available free of charge.


So, we invite local businesses to partner with us by joining our Rapid Response Team (RRT). Being a member means you would be called on to help collect needed items for area charities and then we'll do the rest!

When a need arises and we receive a request, we will send the RRT information on what is needed. Then, we will advertise the campaign with an end goal and date. You'll be equipped with our signature purple bins, labeled with a defining logo. Our volunteers will then pick up the items from your business. Ideally, the campaign would only last three to four days.


What do you get for being a partner? We will display your logo on our website as a proud partner and every time we advertise a call to action, you will be tagged in our social media posts. 


Sometimes you may want to opt out of a collection, and that's ok! We will give you the opportunity each time to opt in or out of the collection.

If you are a local business and want to make a difference, join our RRT by completing the form below.

We are so thankful to be a part of a community that cares so deeply and wants to help others!


Join the Rapid Response Team!

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